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Growth Commander Finds and Helps You Create The Most VIRAL Content On The Net… And Much More!

Growth Commander Can Help
Every Online Business

Bloggers can grow their content and traffic faster and easier than ever before. Use Growth Commander to automatically find viral content in your niche, curate blog posts fast and add it to your blog within minutes.

eCom Store Owners
eCommerce store owners can easily use Growth Commander to get more targeted eyeballs to their products. Growth Commander can help create viral content to your products and bring in more people to buy...all done without expensive writers or extended time requirements.

Agencies and Anyone Managing Clients
As an agency managing content and growth for clients, Growth Commander is a perfect time saver. Manage your client work much faster by growing your client's content with Growth Commander.

Affiliate Marketers
Affiliate marketers can benefit immensely with Growth Commander. Find viral content to get targeted visitors in front of your affiliate offers, and create the high converting to bring in those visitors much faster than doing it manually.

Anyone Who Needs Traffic
Whatever it is you do online, you need traffic. Everyone knows content is king, and content marketing is one of the best ways to draw in traffic and go viral for even more traffic. Creating content and finding viral topics manually take time. Do both in minutes with Growth Commander to increase your content, thus increasing your traffic.

Here Is How You Can Go Viral, Grow Your Visitors, Reach, Influence and Profits with Growth Commander:

  Find The Most Viral Topics & Content In Any Niche

When you publish content to your website and social channels, you want to be able to produce content that people are interested in and also will share with their you can go viral. Find out which content and topics have already been proven to be wildly popular so you don’t waste time with publishing content that no one will care about or share.

  Create Viral Content & Go Viral Easier Than Ever Before

One of the biggest stresses of creating content is just how long it takes between research, writing the post, editing it and more. Using our content creation studio, you can create & curate viral content and build blog posts, video posts and picture posts of any type. This includes royalty free images, videos, and pulling in content from Google news and even Google search! Build the highest quality blog content easier than ever before all in one place....and push them to your website and social channels with one click!

Utilize Our Massive Content Database For Your Own Sites & For Clients

We have a massive database of hundreds of articles created by top notch writers across all top niches: health, money, survival, and more. As a Growth Commander member, the rights of this content are extended to you for personal use and to sell to your clients. Use these articles for your own sites or charge clients to publish them on their sites. Use them as-is or mash them up however you like. With content being so expensive, this feature alone makes Growth Commander more than worth it.

  Analyze Keyword Competition for SEO Rankings

Google traffic from search engine optimization can help you explode your blog or website’s visitors, thus increase leads, brand awareness, virality, sales, and everything good. Our tool helps you see what keyword and topics can help you improve your visitors from Google SEO easier than ever before.

  Build A Content Schedule For Your Blogs and Websites

Planning out your content schedule ahead of time is proven to help you get more content out and even manage teams of people who contribute to your website or blog’s content… with our scheduling tool, you can easily manage content publication for you and your team easier than ever before.

  Get Faster & Better Results- While Working Less

At the end of the day, no one wants to make content creation and trying to achieve viral traffic any harder than it needs to be. With the features of Growth Commander, you save time and actually expand your results on all fronts. You find the best content, curate and publish more viral content in less time, ensure none of your articles are total duds, and even build more SEO traffic in the process.

All Tutorials Are Included - Start Getting Traffic Right Away

We have recorded detailed tutorials that will show you how to use the software.

Instead of experimenting on your own, you can follow our videos and start getting followers and targeted traffic virtually straight away.


30 Day Risk-Free Refund Policy On All Plans

We offer a 30-day risk-free refund policy on all plans. Go ahead, try our service today risk-free! If you don't like it, just request a refund before the 30-day period is up. No hassles and we can part as friends.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Growth Commander Work On Any Computer?

Yes! Growth Commander is cloud based, meaning it works online. All you need to access Growth Commander is a computer or mobile device with internet access.

When Can I Expect To See Results?

This depends on you. The sooner you get Growth Commander working for you, the quicker you reap the rewards. It really depends on how much you want to make this work for you.

Are Others Having Results with Growth Commander?

Yes they are! We have our own case study results and many early users who are getting great results and loving Growth Commander. You can scroll up this page and find a ton of testimonials of user results 🙂

Will This Work In Any Niche?

We believe in giving you methods that will work for a long time - not some fly by night garbage. Rest assured Growth Commander, both the method and automating software, can bring you traffic and profits in niches of your choosing very easily.

Will Growth Commander Work For Anyone/Me?

Of course! Growth Commander works for anyone who uses it.
Just follow the tutorials and within minutes you'll be finding viral content and creating your own targeted visitor-attracting content.

Do I Need Any Traffic Budget?

NO! No paid traffic needed at all. That's the purpose of Growth Commander - to give you the power to drive rapid, free traffic WITHOUT needing money for paid traffic.

Do I Need Any Technical Skills or Experience?

You do not need any tech skills or experience to make this work. The software is created to do the work for you. You just need to log in, watch the video, push the settings buttons and get started! It doesn’t get easier than that.

What If I Have Other Questions?

This usually doesn't happen as our stuff is always to the point, but if you did have an issue, you will have our support desk exclusive for Growth Commander members.

We've done our best to correctly and accurately represent our software Growth Commander which is sold through this website. Where we make any claims, we believe them to be accurate, however you should not rely on those claims when you make a decision to purchase our software or not.

The testimonials that you see on this page are obtained from real customers or beta testers fo the software. However, they are exceptional results, and you should not think that every user of Growth Commander will achieve same results. There is no guarantee that you will achieve any results at all. The success and results of each user depend greatly on that user's experience, background, motivation, time spent using the software and many other factors.

As with any business, there is a risk of loss of capital and time. We cannot promise any results or that you will achieve any success.


Board Commander, Inc. DBA Growth Commander is not liable for anything that may result to your Pinterest Account, Google Account, Facebook account, or any other account or service you use. While this method does work, we make no claims it is compliant or otherwise with Pinterest's terms of service. Use at your own risk.

Board Commander, Inc. is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Pinterest, Google, or Facebook. You agree to a complete release of Pinterest, Google or Facebook from any claims.

If you're not comfortable with any of these conditions, please DO NOT make the purchase.

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